I’d never felt a connection like ours before.

After sharing a spine-tingling first kiss with Liam Knight, I was certain he wanted to be my boyfriend. But instead of moonlit strolls on the beach, he ghosted me. Three months later, with a sugar hangover and pants that are now too tight, Liam’s back, ready to pick up where we left off. But I don’t trust him enough to let him back in.

When my boss leaves me in charge of her bakery while she competes in a baking show, I’m literally running around like a road-runner hopped up on caffeine. Until My Knight comes to my rescue. Is forgiving him and getting our second-chance worth the risk?

My Knight Before Christmas is a sweet with a sprinkling of heat, closed-door romantic comedy.


What if you had to choose between love and money?


I’m living my worst nightmare. Competing on a baking show surrounded by loud people all day. But it’s fine. I’m fine. Our family bakery is in trouble and I’d do anything to keep the memory of Mom alive since Love Bakes is the only place where I still feel her presence. Which is why I’m so determined to win the prize money. No distractions, no friendships, no having fun. It’s all about business. Until I meet bubbly Meg—someone whom I’d normally be annoyed by. Maybe life is about more than work? Meg certainly has me thinking that way. But what about Mom’s bakery?


Paying Mom back to avoid law school is the main reason I signed up for Baking Spirits Bright. I also want to expand my bakery. But when all I can think about is my number one competitor, the gorgeously grumpy people-hater, Jack, my chances of winning diminish like cake crumbs. He’s aloof and ridiculously handsome and pretends not to know who I am. The longer we compete, the more distracted I am by him. How can I win if I’m staring at him the entire time? Although, I’m not even sure I want the money anymore. I just want Jack.

Jack & Frost Bake-Off is a sweet with a sprinkling of heat, closed-door romantic comedy.

I've never wanted to break the no-dating-coworkers rule... until now.


As a caregiver to Mom and an executive chef in a kitchen full of disrespectful staff, I'm wilting like day-old butter-leaf lettuce. I’d quit, except my job is the only thing keeping a roof over our heads. When my boss forces me to work with the new, annoyingly handsome and all too cheerful general manager to increase profits by New Year’s, I'm left with no choice but to play nice. But all my efforts to maintain a steady paycheck have backfired because behind Rhett's nauseatingly jolly facade is a man who is making me question whether I should risk getting fired for breaking the number one rule at the restaurant—never, under any conditions, date a coworker.


After my ex fled faster than Santa’s sleigh because she thought I was “too mentally broken,” I decided to save someone else the heartache and keep my dating nonexistent—a feat I successfully managed for a year. Then I met Holly at my uncle’s restaurant. There’s something about the grumpy chef that takes down my walls and makes me think love could actually happen. Dating Holly means I risk getting her fired and ruining my only chance at getting promoted to regional manager. How do I choose between my dreams and the woman I love?

I fell in love with my best friend, but he only ever loved me like a sister. So I moved on—with idiots.

In an attempt to ignore the fact that my best friend, Ty, would never love me the way I wanted him to, I dated a lot. I even got engaged to Ty’s cousin. Except my ex-fiancé wasn’t the man I thought he was. When he broke off our engagement and fled to LA, I was left devastated and emotionally wounded.

Leaning on Ty—the only man who has ever stayed by my side—I drowned myself in work and helping Ty renovate his new house. When Ty confesses he’s in love with me, I’m torn. He’s all I’ve ever wanted, but I’m scared, shattered, and nowhere near good enough for him—something my ex made sure I knew. How can I risk a relationship with the one person I can’t live without?

Does Mother know best?

Architect Jake Deveraux is fine with his all-work, no-play lifestyle. His career is taking off, and he has friends to spend his limited free time with. When his mom begs for some family bonding, he agrees to meet her for brunch. But she's not alone. Who is the captivating woman sitting at the table?   

Broadway dancer Isla Sanders is down on her luck. With no boyfriend and a crazy ex-roommate who got her evicted, she agrees to go on a date set-up by an architect's secretary. Maybe meeting a new guy will change her streak for the better? Except, the man across the table looks as confused as Isla. His secretary is his mom? Why is she setting him up on a date he doesn't want?    

When they part ways after their shared meal, neither one plans to see the other ever again. But Jake's mom has another agenda, which forces them together. Will Jake and Isla be able to overcome the obstacles in their way, or will the chaos be too much to navigate?

Fake dating my best friend’s cousin for the summer? Yes, please! No strings, no risks, no problems.


I’m on a man-ban. That’s right, no dating for me. Until my radar for picking morons gets fixed, I’m on a look-but-don’t-touch policy. During a summer vacation at my best friend’s lake house, her cousin Bennett comes up with the perfect plan. If we pretend we’re together, his meddling family will butt out of our love lives. But as we spend time with each other, my traitorous heart has other ideas. Like falling for the widower who’s completely off-limits. It’s just my luck that the one person I’d drop my restrictions for doesn’t want me for real.


I know I need to get back to living a full life, but it’s hard when guilt and grief are a constant cloud raining over me. Things are going as well as a first water skiing lesson—disastrous—until I meet Camille at Lake Lloyd. She’s the best candidate to help me get my family off of my back about dating again. Our scheme is going great until she hints she wants our relationship to be real. How do I make room in my broken heart for her? How do I cherish my past without messing up my future? But if I don’t try, I risk chasing away the one person who makes me feel alive. I have no clue what to do. Why is faking it so much easier? If only love came with a guarantee.

It Started at the Lake is a sweet with a sprinkling of heat romance featuring a best friend's cousin, fake dating, age gap, found family, rich/poor, and opposites attract tropes.


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